Heal Your Body, Nourish Your Mind, Ignite Your Spirit
Deborah Mizeur

As a clinician, I guide my patients to hone their senses and expand their awareness of their body’s subtle cues. With this awareness they are able to make adjustments as needed to keep their body in a healthy state. This is the principle of self-care, the key to health and wellbeing. Plants nourish and support this practice as our primary source of food and medicine. These evolutionary allies offer powerful tools to gently nudge us (or shove when necessary) on the path to health.

My practice takes a holistic approach, blending modern science and traditional wisdom to awaken your innate healing capacity. I serve as a bridge between the minor symptoms you can care for at home and the more intensive interventions that often accompany modern medicine.

Herbal Medicine

Are you interested in finding relief from seasonal allergies, gastric upset, depression or pain, or just looking for ways to improve your energy to feel your best? Herbs and foods have been used for millennia to help stimulate our body’s natural responses, repairing and restoring function to the healthiest possible state.

Wellness Coaching

Broader life goals such as happiness, fulfillment and resilience have a direct affect on our health, but are often overshadowed by the focus on physical symptoms. My clinical training and approach engages clients in these areas, facilitating movement at the root of dis-ease.


Reiki accesses the universal energy to restore balance in our lives, aiding healing and promoting wellness. I offer individual healing sessions and Reiki attunement for practitioners.

Food Tours

Organic, biodynamic, non-GMO? And what the heck is kohlrabi? It is enough to make your head spin! Let me help you make sense of the alphabet soup so you can fill your cupboard with nutritious items without breaking the bank.